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Mercedes Sprinter with 6 bunk beds and other cool features!


Our MB Sprinter is a mini nightliner

prepared especially for touring.


The van has 4 sections:

  1. Front: Entrance, Driver + Pilot/ folding seat.

  2. Lounge area: 6 plane seats with adjustable backrest, 21" TV screen, Playstation, Sound system, bluetooth-radio.

  3. Wardrobe and 'kitchen' area with coffee machine         and 93 liters fridge + 1,8m heigh wardrobe

  4. Sleeping area: 6 beds with 2m long and 11cm thick mattresses. Each bunk has it's own AC ventilation, fan, light, priv storage and power outlets (230V and USB 5V).


Connection to external power source prevents from loosing AC and electricty during stops. For lower fuel usage and better performance we have rised engine power. We also installed reversing camera.


Our Sprinter has several fine details that will make your tour easier!

6 bunk beds ( 2m long )

230V and USB power outlets

93 liters fridge

8 seats ( 2 front + 6 back )

21" TV Screen + Playstation 3

Coffee Machine

Private compartments

Audio system + bluetooth radio

Table and cup holders

Roof window

3000W Air Condtion & heater

 and more ...



This is how the van looks like. Some elements where improved since the photo session, so it is even better now :)  

Bison in Leipzig
Plane seats
Trailer attached
Bison in Cracov
Wind Rose inside Bison
Bison in Berlin
All gear in Leipzig
Bunk bed
Bison in Zurich Dynamo
Sleeping area
Cargo Trailer
93 liters fridge
Bison Van
Cane Hill PlayStation



We are sorry not to give one straight answer here! But there is no constant price for our services. To set the price for you we take into account 4 main factors: number of days, whole distance, if second driver and trailer is needed. To get more info and satisfying rate do not hesitate and get in touch with us through our mail: bison@minisleeper.com !


Obviously, if you need a van you need a driver but maybe you need another crew member like: TM, FOH, Merch Guy, Tech - let us know. We have long list of pros that we work with, we can arrange they work for you too.

Already on board:

Deicide, Kataklysm, Cane Hill, Vola, Wind Rose, Alpha Wolf, The Plot In You, A Night In Texas, Chemia and others..


It is possible but not always. We are not a regular rental company but rather small business and we really love our Sprinter. First we prefer to interview and get to know the person who will be driving our precious van. Also remember that driver needs driving license category B + E to driver the van with trailer (payload up to 1.2 ton).


Our van is a 2015 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313 Diesel with boosted engine for better performance and lower fuel usage. Some datas for engine freaks? Here you are - 164,2HP @ 3749RPM , 378Nm @ 2254RPM. Fully customized interior.


Tomasz: young, friendly, helpful, funny and hard-working man. In music industry for about decade. Touring profesionally for about 6 years as Tour Manager, Technician and Driver. Good in logistics, smooth driving, jokes and finding solutions to any problems. Worked already with Comeback Kid (CA), Walls of Jericho (USA), Robert deLong (USA), Warlocks (USA), Trophy Eyes (AU), Jakko Eino Kalevi (FIN), Sylwia Grzeszczak (PL), Wind Rose (IT), Vola (DK), Cane Hill (USA), The Plot In You (USA) and many others. Doing about 100-120 concerts a year.


In any question regarding booking contact us via mail, phone, facebook or instagram. You can find links below.


Hello :) It is cool to know someone is reading this.



To transport your gear, backline and bigger suitcases we have a spacious cargo trailer with loading ramp. 


7,5m3 and 1,2ton;


Length: 2,6m = 8,53ft

Width: 1,6m = 5,25ft

Height: 1,8m = 5,90ft

If you want to rent the van with trailer remember that your driver must have European Driving Lincese category B + E !


We are not social media ninjas

but you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram anyway!

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LEGIONÓW 50/2, 81-404 GDYNIA, POLAND | VAT no: PL 58 623 18 553 | REGON: 367 378 346

TEL: +48 513 155 373   |   BISON@MINISLEEPER.COM 


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